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Apartments in Budapest

An apartment gives you much more freedom than you think. In addition, it is usually cheaper than staying at a hotel, and nowadays a new or renovated apartment almost beats at the level of hotels. One of the biggest benefits of apartment holidays is freedom.

While staying in an apartment, you can cook in its kitchen if you like, so you can have a super social experience and make new friendships. The apartment holiday is also favored by larger families or groups of friends, with interconnecting rooms in most of the houses, so if you want, you are separated, but you can be together.

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The apartment is also ideal if you have unique diets. Even if you prefer the dishes you have prepared and you do not like extra costs, in the kitchens of the apartments you can prepare any food that fit your needs.


Another advantage of the apartments is that you get up in the morning when you feel good, no one is disturbed by hotel staff, and no other guests disturb the peace of your holiday.


Most of the hotel rooms are somewhat brittle despite their cleanliness, and their furnishings are more practical than comfort, which is why they do not provide the feeling of cosiness at the level of the apartments.


The biggest advantage of an apartment against hotels is that it can accommodate everyone from two-person couples to large families and larger groups. So the holidays, and what happened there, are truly intimate without the involvement of other vacationers.

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